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UranX Documentation

Integrate UranX Crypto Checkout in your website right now and start accepting crypto as a payment method

Create an API Key

1 – Navigate to

2- Enter your email address and name

3 – After that, you will see the API Key created

Setting up the API

Use the below sample request to send an API call to the gateway

JSON Payload Example:

“amount”: 10,
“fiat”: “USD”,
“status” :0,
“api_key” : “the-api-key-created”,
“seller_wallet_address”: “the-address-you-need-to-transfer-money”, “metadata”: {
“platform”: “your-site-name”, “platform-invoice-id” : “your-invoice-id”, “redirectUrl” :”the-redirect-url-after-transaction”
Method: POST
Content-Type : application/json

Start using UranX

Then you are ready and you can start using UranX to receive payments in crypto

WordPress plugin

1- Upload plugin zip file from or Install directly from WordPress plugin directory

2- Activate the plugin

3- Navigate to Woocommerce > Settings > Payments

4- Click UranX and Fill API Key with the values provided to you by the developer

Click Save Changes